Laborotary Simulation Program

Two Dimensional Poisson, Drift-Diffusion, thermal, and Schrodinger Solver
Two Dimensional (2D) Poisson, Drift-Diffusion, Schrodinger, and thermal Solver (2D-DDCC)
Available versions : Ver 9.7 : Windows, Linux
1. The program is using Slotboom variable.
2. Function of Radiative Recombination, Nonradiative recombination, and Generation is included
3. Extra plugin modules for generation rate and field and temperature mobility model is included
4. Fermi-Dirac integration table for carrier density is used.
5. 2D Schordinger solver is included to solve the eigen functions and eigen values
6. A 2D thermal conduction equation is included with the ability to solve time dependent self-heating effect
4. 2D Schordinger solver is included to solve the eigen functions and eigen values
7. Ray Tracing Module
8. Field dependent mobility model
You can download a simple manual here
You can download a GUI manual here
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05/13/2018 window 32bit version v9.7
05/13/2018 window 64bit version v9.7 Matlab GUI interface included.

Release Note: 9.70 version 5/13/2018:
Increasing the time dependent module
Release Note: 8.70 version 11/22/2017:
Bug fixed since last 8.0 big changes to the UI interfaces
Release Note: 8.00 version 11/22/2017:
It is still possible to open old setting file, but user needs to be careful for some possible bugs
Rearrange the table, showing up the A_xB_yC_1-x-yD material
Correct the material parameter errors for indirect bandgap material in quaternary compound such as AlGaInP
Now the setting file's subman is changed from *.mat file to 2Dset file to avoid some blocking from outlook
When you start to run simulation, the program will automatical save the setting file as *.tmp.2Dset. It will be overrided if you run another case with the same project name. This is just for user who may forget to save the latest setting
Some testing functions for time dependent problem
remove some output error in Fortran. If number is smaller than 1.0e-100, the fortran will output as 1.0-100 which cannot be read by matlab
Now the program will decide the bandoffset ratio by electron affinity in default. But user still can modify according to your needs
In 2D modeling, if you have some material having different bandoffset ratio, it is better to use electron affinity instead of using bandoffset ratio
New area contact functions
new mesh functions are added to tune the mesh shape
Release Note: 3.7 version 05/10/2017: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Fixes some bugs for last release
GUI interface adding the thermal solver supports (stability is under testing
Fix some bugs in Gaussian traps nonradiative recombination.
Release Note: 3.3 version 04/19/2017: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Try to fix the range coverage issue when floating point problem for detecting the range
adding the Exciton diffusion solver and poole frankel field dependent model
Reorganized thermal solver
bug fixes

Release Note: 2.8 version 01/08/2017: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Improve the stability issues when the bandgap is too wide and carrier density is too low to cause numerical error in floating points.

This is a mp4 video. You can use firefox 21 (or up) and chrome to watch it
If the vedio is slow, please try Youtube channel here.
Release Note: 1.54 version 01/05/2017: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
GUI interface can be rescaled with different window size.

Release Note: 1.500 version 12/28/2016: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
In setting the mesh grid, you can decide the min-dx or min-dy, gradual ratio, and program will help you to find out how many grid points you need.
Some new meshing functions are written in 2D-ddcc.exe, but GUI interface has not been built.

Release Note: 1.240 version 08/14/2016: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
In setting the contact area, now it is not only a line region, the contact could be an area contact, which can be put in a closed area.
Many new functions added into GUI program

Release Note: 1.120 version 1/03/2016: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Now the raw data can be output as the table sheet by pushing the raw button
Program will check if the input file existing or not before running to avoid reading an empty file

Release Note: 1.110 version 12/31/2015: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Fix the problem when ploting result along x-axis or y-axis. Now the program will find the
nearest assigned point x or y. No longer need to find the exact value.

Release Note: 1.090 version 12/28/2015: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Modify back the landscape setting when using doping activation energy

Release Note: 1.070 version 12/21/2015: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Modify the landscape setting when using doping activation energy
Now drain and source can be Schottky contact instead of Ohmic contact. Workfunc of Metal can be used
Program will export all material setting in different nodes and electron in resultopen.m
reading 1D result in 2D resultopen.m has been diabled
some minor bug fixing
Recently many updates in GUI interface will be applied. Please come back to check for updates every 2 weeks.

Release Note: 2.20 version 9/28/2015: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Add special generation function profile , Gaussian and exponetial decay

Release Note: 2.17 version 8/09/2015: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
modify GUI output bug of gaussian trap setting

08/09/2015 window 32bit version v2.17
08/09/2015 window 64bit version v2.17 Matlab GUI interface included

Release Note: 2.17 version 8/09/2015: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
add new functions in GUI interface

Release Note: 2.17 version 7/31/2015: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Improve the initial guess in the high voltage condition
Include some missing file back to the package

Release Note: 2.13 version 6/30/2015: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Solve the voltage operation range issue. Now the program can run to as high voltage as possible.
However, it is better start from small voltage to large voltage. It is not good to run high voltage directly.

Release Note: 2.09 version 05/19/2015: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Improved eigen value solver
GUI interface improvement, new functions added

Release Note: 1.98 version 12/17/2014: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
When solving the inverse, the program orginal use lapack to solve the inverse.
Now the program can use Pardiso to solve the inverse. For larger matrix or not banded matrix, it might be faster.

Release Note: 1.91c version 12/10/2014: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
For some matlab GUI table. Click right button will jump out a JAVA based table, which can do more easy parameter editing and then save back to the original table

Release Note: 1.91b version 12/08/2014: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Bug fixes for raytrace program and mesh part

Release Note: 1.91 version: With theMatlab GUI interface: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Increase the support of tail state transport problem (DOE)

Release Note: 1.88 version: With theMatlab GUI interface: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
Bug fixes for 2D GUI interface
Bug fixes for raytracing program

Release Note: 1.84 version: With theMatlab GUI interface: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
The sapphire and the virtual TCO-connect to pGaN material is added
The plot of output wave function for both 1D or 2D is added.
The program can help to determine the mesh size when gradual mesh is used.
When viewing the result of 2D, the program can plot a 1D section view now.
2D eigen solver and 1D line eigen solver for electron is added into the GUI interface
The plot of output wave function for both 1D or 2D is added.
In the 1.81 version, the support of material AlInGaN is added into the GUI-program.
The result of Monte Carlo raytracing can be plotted by the GUI interface now
In the meshing part of program, the GUI can help to estimate dx and dy with gradual mesh
The GUI interface for solving Schrodinger Equations is released
The parameters of quaternary compound for AlInGaN can be generated by the GUI program
The bugs in the raytracing are fixed and special range assignment of refractive index is included.

Please go to matlab website to download 2012a MCR to run without matlab, or using the GUI source code we provided if you have matlab
64 bit 2012a MCR
32 bit 2012a MCR
Note: if you have matlab or you have install MCR2012a, you just need to download the version without MCR. The GUI source code is included

The GUI interface for setting the mesh
Assign the material parameters.
Analyzing the simulation result.
version 1.56
New in version 1.56:
1. Added the support of Auger recombination ( $UseAuger )
2. Increase the output of carrier summation, recombination summations, and IQE calculation
version 1.50
Note that you will need to set your library path to the extract prgogram folder if you see libiomp5 error
2D DDCC manual here