Laborotary Simulation Program

Three Dimensional Poisson, Drift-Diffusion, thermal, and Schrodinger Solver
Three Dimensional Poisson, Drift-Diffusion, Schrodinger, and thermal Solver (3D-DDCC)
Available versions : Ver 0.388 : Linux
1. The program is using Slotboom variable.
2. Function of Radiative Recombination, Nonradiative recombination, and Generation is included
3. Extra plugin modules for generation rate and field and temperature mobility model is included
4. Fermi-Dirac integration table for carrier density is used.
5. 3D Schordinger solver is included to solve the eigen functions and eigen values
6. A 3D thermal conduction equation is included with the ability to solve time dependent self-heating effect
7. A Strain stress solver

03/30/2017 window 64bit version v0.405 with Matlab GUI interface included. Gmsh is needed
03/30/2017 window 64bit version v0.405 : Improvement of GUI interface
03/30/2017 window 64bit version v0.405 : adding new function for strain solver
03/30/2017 rewrite the gmsh loader to improve the speed

05/19/2015 window 64bit version v0.367 : GUI interface improved
solver speed improved due to some more parallelization in the code
Now the solver can include Px , Py, Pz polarization

03/17/2015 window 64bit version v0.320 with Matlab GUI interface included. Gmsh is needed
You can download a GUI manual here

This is a demo of new version based on gmsh 2.16 and DDCC 0.405

This is a mp4 video. You can use firefox 21 and chrome to watch it

You can download a simple manual here
How to download it?, not available now for publics but can be requested by email.
Library used: 1. Pardiso Library, Lapack library, Arpack librabry, Gmsh program