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1D DDCC is named from One Dimensional Drift-diffusion Charge Control solver. This solver initially solved Poisson Schrodinger Equation developed in U of M, Ann Arbor. Then the function of drift-diffusional solver was added by Prof. Yuh-Renn Wu when he was PhD student in UM and got its name DDCC. After Prof. Wu was an professor in NTU, he continues to improvement of this program. This solver now can solve many different problems such as trap problem, Gaussian shape tail state models, field dependent mobility, optical cavity mode model, and the newly added localization landscape model. The Polarization charges induced in nitride system can be considered as well.

Commands Manual

$Schottky (1D)














1D RCWA commands


No longer maintained functions



External function

subroutine munpcalculate
subroutine exciton1D
function solargeneration(x1,x2,eg)

output file format


Phasing out file format