Right now the 2D-DDCC program is opened to academic for free the use. Your feedback of testing the program will be very valuable.

Note that the new funcitons are continuing to be added so that bugs might be found after release. Please come back to check for the updated version.

Since 2019/04/07 version, we change the newer compiler. So you will need a new version of libiompmd.dll. It is included in the package.

05/10/2019 window, linux, mac 64bit version v12.4 Matlab GUI interface included.

If you don’t have Matlab (any version), we have a compiled *.exe file from Matlab 2012a version. You can install Matlab MCR depending on your OS’s version

64 bit 2012a MCR

Release Note: 12.71 version 05/10/2019:
  • Fixed a compiled bug for different version of matlab. Using MCR will be affected.
Release Note: 12.70 version 04/07/2019:
  • Program now recompiled with intel fortran 2019. you will need newest libiompmd.dll file. It is included in the package.
  • Increase some output of raytracing program.
Release Note: 12.40 version 01/03/2019:
  • Increase the reshape mesh function to increase the flexibility of reshape
  • The DOE function now can be refered to Ec, not 1/u when landscape model is used.
Release Note: 11.70 version 01/03/2019:
  • Minor Bug fixes including raytracing module
Release Note: 11.00 version 10/10/2018:
  • Modification of instability of time dependent solvr when Fermi-Dirac distribution is used. Now the solver will be slower but with more accurate result. In low carrier density condition, it is suggested to use Boltzmann approximation to give a faster calculation
Release Note: 9.80 version 7/09/2018:
  • Change the sign direction of electron and hole flow
Release Note: 9.70 version 5/13/2018:
  • Increasing the time dependent module
Release Note: 8.70 version 11/22/2017:
  • Bug fixed since last 8.0 big changes to the UI interfaces
Release Note: 8.00 version 11/22/2017:
  • It is still possible to open old setting file, but user needs to be careful for some possible bugs
  • Rearrange the table, showing up the A_xB_yC_1-x-yD material
  • Correct the material parameter errors for indirect bandgap material in quaternary compound such as AlGaInP
  • Now the setting file’s subman is changed from *.mat file to 2Dset file to avoid some blocking from outlook
  • When you start to run simulation, the program will automatical save the setting file as *.tmp.2Dset. It will be overrided if you run another case with the same project name. This is just for user who may forget to save the latest setting
  • Some testing functions for time dependent problem
  • remove some output error in Fortran. If number is smaller than 1.0e-100, the fortran will output as 1.0-100 which cannot be read by matlab
  • Now the program will decide the bandoffset ratio by electron affinity in default. But user still can modify according to your needs
  • In 2D modeling, if you have some material having different bandoffset ratio, it is better to use electron affinity instead of using bandoffset ratio
  • New area contact functions
  • new mesh functions are added to tune the mesh shape
Release Note: 3.7 version 05/10/2017: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
  • Fixes some bugs for last release.
  • GUI interface adding the thermal solver supports (stability is under testing)
  • Fix some bugs in Gaussian traps nonradiative recombination.
Release Note: 3.3 version 04/19/2017: (compiled wuth matlab 2012a)
  • Try to fix the range coverage issue when floating point problem for detecting the range.
  • adding the Exciton diffusion solver and poole frankel field dependent model
  • Reorganized thermal solver
  • bug fixes