Download NTU-ITRI DDCC Trial version


(Expired 2023/07/31)

NTI ITRI DDCC 1D Windows 64 Trial version (3.7.7) (updated 07/04/2023) (add new affective mass setting & 2nd Ec valley including landscape) :


Expired 2023/12/31)

NTU-ITRI DDCC 2D Windows 64 Trial version (1.2.9) (updated 09/09/2023) :

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Release Note:

2D:  1.2.9:  Fixed bugs. Fixed RCWA TM’s code error. And improve the TM emission codes to sparse matrix solver to make speed enhancement. The speed could be 1000X faster with a smaller memory.

2D:  1.2.3:  Add multi-valley simulation of 2nd electron bands. Include the deformation potential. Fixed RCWA error. Improve the copy-paste function, remove, and move up & down functions.

2D:  0.23.1 :  Add SiC material parameters. Fix the voltage step limitation from 15V to a larger value. Note: Large voltage needs a fine mesh.